Little Orchid's House of Shih Tzu
 Remembers and Says Goodbye  and
Thank You to the Many Wonderful
 Families Who  Adopted Our Shih Tzus
I've been raising  Shih Tzu puppies since the
early 1990's.  I've placed many adult Shih Tzus
so that I continue raising them  in my home.
We will be raising no more puppies.  It is time for me to sit back and enjoy the last three Shih
Tzus  that I will keep. The first pictures are the Tzus that will be staying with me:

Little Orchid's Tsunami
Little Orchid's Cayenne
Little Orchid's  Dakota Tzu
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 Little Orchid's  Suzy
 Little Orchid's  Mei Saki
 Little Orchid's  Daisy Mae
 Little Orchid's  Pocahontas
 Little Orchid's  Blue Diamond
 Little Orchid's Ginger
 Little Orchid's Francee
 Little Orchid's Piper Lily 
 Little Orchid's Sassy
 Little Orchid's Lola  Belle
Tsunami has been with us since six weeks old.  He is a delightful.  He
 always has a toy in his mouth even when sleeping. His last litters from
 Cayenne and Dakota were special.  I really dreaded seeing the puppies go
 knowing they were the last litters we would have at Little Orchids.
 Cayenne was one of our own puppies.  Her name was to be Nutmeg, but
 Cayenne fits her personality. 
 We have the best since both girls have Mei Saki & Daisy 
 in their pedigrees.  Actually the girls have several more of our
 Tsus in their background: Jerico, Polyanna, and my Uncle Bennett's
 Because we get so close to our Shih Tzus we don't forget them.
 We enjoy them through the little footprints they leave in our hearts.
 Little Orchid's Lola Lole
 Little Orchid's Polyanna
 Little Orchid's Mi Key
 Little Orchid's Romeo
 Uncle Bennett's Ralphy
 Little Orchid's Sally Tzu
 Tallis Jerico
 Uncle Bennett's Wizzie Wu
 Little Orchid's Cheyenne
 Uncle Bennett's Muffin Man
 Little Orchid's Chocolate Blizzard
 Uncle Bennett's  Snickers
 Little Orchid's Lucee Lu
 Little Orchid's Katrina
 Uncle Bennett's Chloe
 Little Orchid's Thunder
 Uncle Bennett's  Mindy
     Some of Little Orchid's Babies
 This will be the final page from Little Orchids.
  I will be closing the website soon.  I would    always want to hear and see pictures of the Tzus.
 My email address is below.  Thanks again. 
                                                       Jerry Lamb

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 Little Orchid's  Mei Suzy